Clandestine Cinderella / Fidget-Gate ’08

Step 1: Go to the DeliveryStep 2: GET THE SHOESStep 3: Make a videoblog celebrating said shoesStep 4: Get linked on cfobmania.comStep 5: Get linked by vladthebakerrip (holy sh*t!)

damn. we wish we had hired you at the bakery. we care as much about our hair. actually you are perfect semi-sweet and baked just right. we feel like we left these ones in the perfect hands, or should we say feet. how do we hire you, instead of that fool roscoe?this is not just a fad.

Step 6: Feel warm and fuzzy and happyStep 7: Endure chatter about how fidgety you areStep 8: Put on the magical shoes and frolick/fidget the day away

Good lord, today has been weird. Had I known that video was going to reach 800-some people, maybe I would’ve fidgeted less (actually, I doubt that — maybe I would have put a fidget disclaimer). Regardless, it was just a simple expression of my appreciation for receiving the supras. I was not trying to get to Cannes with this ish.

ANYWAYZ. Still ecstatic to be in possession of the shoes and thanks for all those who kept it on the positive!