Censorship Wars Over Fall Out Boy’s “I Don’t Care” Video

The lyrics to Fall Out Boy‘s new song say “I Don’t Care what you think, as long as it’s about me.”

Apparently, that’s not all somebody didn’t care about. Somebody, apparently at Island Records, didn’t care about the band’s approval on the video.

When the video went live earlier today, people were both celebrating the video’s quality and dismaying over it being an iTunes exclusive. But while we were downloading and/or refreshing YouTube, Pete Wentz was apologizing.

Apparently, the video cut that went up on iTunes was NOT the one the band has slaved over. It was a cut full of product placement by Nokia that was uploaded without the band’s consent.

Pete posted to his blog at PeteWentz.com as well as to his Friends or Enemies Account. It appears that the PeteWentz.com version has already been taken down, and a new post has gone up featuring only a “Censored” Graphic.

His post, transcribed:

this will probably end up deleted either by me or someone else but the version of the video that we worked on night after night is not the version that aired. yet somehow a cut full of glorious camera phone shots did. just to let you know. it doesn’t make any sense to us. that bag of money is being donated straight to a cause far more worthy.imagine seeing this edit only after you buy the video off of i-tunes and realizing that noone even had the balls to call you and tell you they were changing the video and cutting parts.id recommend view the video on a site that it doesn’t cost you any money as this is NOT the edit the band approved.sorry to let you down.

It seems as if the situation is still not resolved. Keep following this story for more.

Also, if you want the released version of the video for free, livejournal group icecreamhdaches has two versions available for you.