Awaiting More Fresh Only Bakery Trickery

Oh, of course Pete Wentz, make an Tuesday evening delivery when I have PLANS *shakes fist* (plans being an appointment, HOUSE and the season premiere of Law and Order: SVU!! Huzzah!)

Posted on earlier today:

there will be information released on the final delivery in the los angeles area released later today the delivery will take place in the evening on tuesday. this delivery will contain limited items not found in any other delivery. there are also tentative smaller deliveries planned in san diego, chicago and new york. that it all.
The typos? Not mine. Kthx.

I’m sure Mendoza will be all over that.

Side conversation: How many of you actually like donuts? Like, genuinely? Because I see donut shops everywhere and I’m confused because to me they’re like eating a greasy, frosted pillow. And that’s what it feels like in your belly, too. Muffins? Yes. Cookies? Sure. Donuts? Hell nah.