whatcha want isn’t always whatcha get.

i just had an organic spice chai latte.. that was so good. i’m really hungry and the fridge is empty basically haha. today my grandma had surgery (which went very well), so later i’m going up to visit her for a while. leah came in today, but she was just visiting her mom, so i didn’t see her. everyone is asleep at my house, and it’s 5:05. in the evening.. i wish someone would wake up and tell me what to make for dinner. haha

here’s the best pictures from last night. i love the way they turned out

poor erika has pink eye.. is there any medicine you can buy to treat that, and is there any way to prevent catching it? i don’t want it.. =/ i’m gonna find out how to treat it!

i’ve been buying all kinds of hello kitty stuff on ebay..

such as this.

who started school back already? i don’t until next week. haha yesss.