Summerdays….*Chapter 44*

Later that day, at Gabbie’s house:

Jared is at Gabbie’s house doing some cleaning to surprise Gabbie when he gets a call from Tomo on his cell phone. “Hey Jared!” Tomo says when Jared picks up. “Hey Tomo what’s up?!” “Nothing much, me and Hannah and Jessica and Jake are going to a club tonight. You and Gab wanna come?” “Sure! Just let me call Gab and I’ll get back to you ok?” “Sure! Talk to you in a bit!” “Ok bye!” And then the boys hang up. Jared then calls Gabbie. “Hey Honey!” Gabbie says when she picks up. “Hey baby, need to ask you something really fast” Jared says smiling. “Ok go” “Tomo, Hannah, Jessica and Jake are going to a club tonight, Tomo just called me a minute ago and I’m calling ti see if you want to come” “Oh I would love to but, we are major short here today” “Oh, crap. Ok then I’ll just tell Tomo it’s a no for us” “No wait you can still go” “Nah, don’t want to without you” “Ok then, what time are you going?” “I donno, gonna have to call Tomo back” “Well then do that and get back to me and I’ll see if I can make it, maybe a little late but, we’ll see” “Ok! Calling now! Talk to you in a sec!” “Ok then!” And then they hang up. Then Jared calls Tomo. “Hey Tomo, what time are we going to go?” Jared asks Tomo when he picks up. “Um, around eight. Why?” “Gabbie may or may not be able to make it. Is she does she might be late, that’s why I called you to see what time we’re leaving” “Ok then, it’s around eight” “Ok then, call you back in a bit” “Ok bye!” And then they hang up. Jared then calls Gabbie back. “Ok, we’re leaving around eight” “Um, ok, I could be there around nine, hows that?” “Ok! Do you want me to wait for you?” “Nah, you go ahead with the guys. I’ll meet up with you” “Sure?” “Yes, now let me get back to work and I’ll talk to you later” “Ok then. I love you” “I love you too” And then they hang up and Jared goes back to his house cleaning while Gabbie gets back to work.

That night, at Gabbie’s house:

It just turned eight o’clock and Gabbie just got into the door. As she checks the house phone for messages, there’s a note beside the phone that’s from Jared.

Hey baby!

I’m off at the club with the guys, and I’ll see you soon!

As you may or may not have seen, I have done all of the housework for today!

So surprise!


See you soon!

Love you!


Gabbie smiles at the note and looks around the room and it is indeed very clean. Gaabbie then she runs upstairs and gets a shower real fast and throws on a nice outfit that made up by a black skirt and a red top. As she runs down the stairs she sees a new message for Dr. Way. She then calls him back while getting her small back handbag. “Hi doc it’s Gabrielle” Gabbie says when the doctor picks up. “Hi Gabrielle. I have you final testsresults!” “Great, and?” “Ok, you better sit down” “Huh?!” Gabbie says beginning to panic. “Are you ready?!” Dr. Way then says. “Sure, I guess” “Well I have to say congrats to you and Jared!” “What do you mean?” “I mean you pregnant!”