Pete Wentz Talks Politics with CNN

Fall Out Boy played a Rock The Vote sponsored concert on the first day of the Democratic National Convention. CNN cornered your boy Pete Wentz for five quick questions. Here are two: So what do the Democrats need to do to win the White House, do you think?

Wentz: I actually learned this from the person I got tennis lessons from that Democrats or the Republicans need not only to win the White House but you need to maintain the majority in the government in general in order to get things moving.

Wait wait waiiiiit. Pete taking tennis lessons? Is there photographic evidence of this? Because I’m having trouble picturing it And who are you voting for? And Ashlee [Simpson]?

Wentz: Well, probably the last thing my wife would do — ever — is tell me who she’s voting for, to be honest with you. But my guess would be that she votes pretty similarly to me.

Sssssecrets in the Wentz-Simpson matrimony! Just kidding, no big deal. I don’t tell my dad who I vote for, either.