Fresno Warped: Saporta Hips Don’t Lie, Hurley Deflates

Fresno was kind of out of control hot (104 degrees) and my feet were burning inside my shoes and all the pictures I took came out REALLY BRIGHT.

But I finally caught some of Katy Perry‘s set (she kinda dresses like I did in 5th grade… minus the boobs), checked out Bring Me The Horizon (too screamy for me), rocked out to The Vandals (I do love them), and did another round of Cobra Starship.

I watched some of Broadway Calls before the stage deflated on them and they couldn’t get it back up again. (Annnnnd if I said that out loud, I’m sure someone around me would’ve followed that sentence with “that’s what she said.”)

From First To Last and The Briggs served dinner last night. Bus call was super early, so everyone was still kind of wired once we started rolling… it probably didn’t help that I was sharing my saltwater taffy stash with everyone. And by everyone, I mean MC Chris. That dude is FUNNY.

Anyway, that day I also tried to shave my legs dry. DON’T EVER DO THIS.

Ok, my fingers are getting numb because I’m sitting under the A/C. Must relocate before any more blogging can happen.