Disashi is Going To Be a Daddy!

Disashi of Gym Class Heroes has made an announcement that he and his longtime girlfriend, Bluejay, are expecting a baby!

The message posted on Absolutepunk is as follows:

Today is a big day for us and for our world. Bluejay and I have something incredibly special to share with you all. Bluejay and I are having a baby!!

When my sweetheart delivered me the news of her pregnancy I was immediately overwhelmed with elation and that feeling has increased exponentially since then. I would generally consider myself a private person especially in regards to my family life. As an artist in a successful band who’s personal information is accessible at the click of a mouse I feel it is important for me to keep control of certain aspects of my life and that of my loved ones. Therefore the two of us decided to use our personal MySpace pages to make this news public on our own terms so that you all know the facts because, let’s face it, internet rumors can get pretty damn scandalous. And needless to say, the birth of our child is something that we both take very seriously.

Throughout the span of our relationship many kids (and adults) have sent us messages and gifts explaining that, to them, our relationship signifies love and they truly look up to us as a couple. You all will never know how much that means to us and it is not something that we would ever take lightly. That being said, the following is very personal but we feel it’s important information to share in order for you all to have a clear understanding that having this child is somewhat of a miracle for us.

On the day that I asked Bluejay to be mine I told her how much I loved her, and not long afterwards I followed-up that I would marry her right then and there because I knew she was the one for me. However, we decided that we would wait it out in order for things to settle down with our lives a little bit so that we could really do it the way we wanted, and also to let our friends and families digest the seriousness of our relationship. One concern she had regarding our marriage was that she had medical paperwork explaining that she would not be able to have children without medical help. And it was important to her that she not take that joy away from me or my family later on in life. I explained that if this was the case I wanted to be with her anyway. It would be tough for us but we would make it through that experience together when the time came.

As our relationship progressed we had many more serious conversations regarding marriage and children. It began to hit me more and more that despite her youthful spirit, energy, and appearance the fact is that Bluejay is a beautiful and grown woman who is several years older than I. If we were to wait some years and couldn’t have a child I would never be able to forgive myself for not trying while the opportunity might have been there for us, because that is indeed something that I wish to share with her. So the reason we say our baby is a miracle and meant to be is because, not expecting her to become pregnant, but knowing that should it happen we were prepared, we decided to try on our own without medical help. Against all odds our first try brought us to where we sit, at this moment, announcing to the world that we will be welcoming a little baby polar-bird into our lives. Please send Bluejay all of your love and prayers as this is all especially intense for her. Bluejay, I can’t express enough how proud and happy I am to be sharing this with you. I love you.

Hugs for the rest of you, Disashi

PS – Bluejay and I both believe in safe sex and that being married is the ideal way to start a family. But as with everything in life there are always gray areas and remember, regardless of how they get here, every baby is a gift to this world!

Um, brb, dying of teh cuteness.

Congrats to Disashi and Bluejay! Also? Decaydance babiez: The Takeover (coming soon)