to the moon.

july 4th.. a day filled with fireworks, bbq’s and hanging out with family/friends. well.. thats how it is for most people.. but when you’re a 19 years old girl, living in west hollywood.. things always seem it get a little chaotic.. my day started with sleeping in till around two.. finally, got myself out of bed.. took a shower.. did my makeup/hair and got dressed. ray came over around 4 and at 5 we went to a BBQ at this guy anthony’s house, who has been my moms good friend since they were young. he only lived two blocks away, but since i’m terrible with directions and ray is the slowest driver in town, it took as 20 minutes to get there.. on the way we stopped at ralphs to get a purple onion. while i was picking the onion out, some couple was starring at me, laughing and saying things like wow, people actually dress like that, hunny why don’t you get sunglasses like that.. well.. i just starred them down and walked away.. some people are so close minded that they can’t except a girl wearing heart sunglasses and a vintage dress.. hmmm.. anyways.. we finally got to anthony’s house.. the best potato salad and macaroni!! limeade cocktails and old school r&b. one guy kept taking our photo while we were eating and saying how he loved photos of people eating.. then we watching the chef and one of the guests get in a fight over tyra banks.. could i ask for more? haha.

once we got home it was time to rage.. well sorta.. we watched some show on the food network about hot dogs. around 9 fireworks were going off so we watched from my porch, i love fireworks.. they should set some off everyday! ray showed me a ton of music he is working on and i am going to help him put some lyrics to the songs. at midnight my neighbor decided to randomly stop by, with six of her friends. they were all wasted and i couldn’t really understand what they were talking about. one girl was talking about seth rogan for a good ten minutes.. that all i really made out from the visit..

“this is the painting the neighbor gave me. ray is convinced that it looks like me and that if i had a son, he would look like that”

yesterday robyn and i went to a BBQ pool party up franklin canyon. i didnt even know franklin canyon existed. it is about 15 minutes away from me.. and there is a giant like and tons of good hiking spots.. so weird.. i didnt know i lived that close to a lake.. once we got there we realized we didnt know anyone.. and it was basically all girls.. it ended up being really fun and the food was really good.. the techno music they were blasting got pretty old after awhile.. but besides that, i had a good time. i love pool parties, even though i never go in the pool. some girl had a little pug named banana, it was the cutest.

last night robyn and i just stayed in. we got cafe med take out and watching movies. it was our last night with trixy. she goes home today. i liked having a dog, but it is definitely hard work. today we are going to the swap meet on melrose and later on i am driving to my dads house for dinner and to hang with roscoe.. 5 more days till i leave.. can’t wait to see my boy..

what is the craziest dream you have ever had?

did you get to see fireworks on friday?