Summerdays….*Chapter 38*

At Dee and Franks house:

Jared and Gabbie just pulled into the driveway. Then Jared gets out and goes to the other side of the car and then opens the door for Gabbie and helps her get out. “Want me to carry something?” he asks her as he locks up the car. “Um, sure” Gabbie reply’s giving him one of the cake holders. They then go up to the front door and just before they knock Dee opens the door. “Hey guys!” she says hugging them both. “Hey Dee! We’ve come bringing gifts”! Gabbie says laughing a little. “I see! Here, give these to me” says Dee laughing as well and taking the two cake holders from Gabbie and Jared. “Come on in!” Dee then says now walking into the kitchen. Jared and Gabbie follow her in and Jared closes the door behind them. “I really love your dress Dee, it’s really pretty!” Gabbie says when they walk up to Dee. It is indeed pretty, being a black cocktail dress with a pink tie around it. “Oh thanks hun! Yours is really pretty too!” Dee says to Gabbie now putting the cakes holders on the counter along with other food that other people bought. “I see Tomo made his lemon cake huh?” Jared asks looking at a yellow cake with some lemons on top. “Yep, and Hannah made her lime cake” says Dee pointing at the green cake with some limes on the top next to the yellow one. “ Cool” says Gabbie, as she loves both of the cakes. “Yep, and Jess bought some really big ribs, and I mean their big!” says Dee now opening the icebox and shows them a big bag of ribs on the top shelf. “Oh wow they look good!” says Gabbie. “Don’t they?!” says Dee laughing a bit. Then the three walk out into the back yard and find Frank at the grill cooking up some hotdogs and chicken while talking to one of his friends from work. “Hey guys!” Jessica yells to Gabbie and Jared from the drink table. “Hey Jess, love your outfit!” Gabbie says looking at Jessica’s dressy black long skirt with a deep red silk blouse as Jessica walks over to them. “Hehe thanks! Love your dress!” she says hugging Gabbie. “Thanks! Got it today at the little town you told us about” Gabbie says. “Oh really?! Cool! So what do you think of it?!” Jessica asks now hugging Jared. “It’s awesome!” Gabbie says. “Yeah it was really cool! A lot of old time looks there with some modern things too!” says Jared. “I know right!? It’s so cool there!” says Jessica. Then they hear someone call to them. “Hey guys!” yells Tomo as he and Hannah walk over to them. The two are very nicely dressed. Tomo is wearing blue jeans with a black shirt while Hannah has a very nice green summer dress on. “Hey guys!” The three yell back to them. “Oh Gabbie I love your dress!” says Hannah as she now giving her a hug. “Thanks! Love yours too!” Gabbie reply’s. Then they talk for a while. Then Dee goes to answer the door and a few minutes later Dee comes back out with Shannon behind her. “Hey Shan!” Jessica says to him giving him a hug. “Hey Jess how are ya?!” he says hugging her back. He seems in a happy bounce like mood. And he hasn’t been like that in a long while. Gabbie watch’s him in wonder as he walks around the yard hugging friends and meeting new one’s. Then he walks up to Gabbie saying with a smiling, “Think I would forget you?” “Haha no!” says Gabbie giving him a hug. “You look very pretty” he then says smiling at her again. “Thanks, you look nice” Gabbie reply’s looking at him with his blue jeans and gray tee shirt on. “Ha thanks, just something I tossed on” says Shannon laughing. Then Jared comes over with drinks for him and Gabbie and almost drops them at the new look of Shannon. “Hey bro!” says Shannon giving him a hug with Jared still holding the drinks. ‘Um, hey Shan” says Jared looking a bit confused and mostly in horror. Jared then gives Gabbie her drink and asks Shannon, “Want me to get you one?” “Ah nah, I’ll get one myself. Be back in a bit!” Shannon reply’s patting his brother in and back and now walking over to the drink table. “Okkkkk what the hell happened?!” Jared says to Gabbie the minute Shannon is out of hearing. “I have no idea, but I think it’s way better then he was before. Ha, I think he’s better off without me now with the looks of him!” says Gabbie laughing. “Now why would you say that?” Jared asks her looking a bit angry. “What? We drove each other nuts when we we’re dating, you know that. Now it seems that when we’re not dating, we’re much happier and all, ya know? It’s not a bad thing Jare” Gabbie says hugging Jared. “I know, guess so. Kinda messed up though” Jared says shaking his head a bit. “I know, but we’re both happy now, and that’s all that matter” says Gabbie. “Yep” Jared says now giving her a kiss. They stand there and kiss for a while till they hear Shannon yell’s over to them from the sitting area. “Hey love birds! Dinner’s ready!” Gabbie and Jared pull apart and laugh and then walk over holding hands and then they sit down and start to eat.