Pete Wentz Talks New Fall Out Boy Record, Writing Lyrics and Collaborating with TI

Pete Wentz has done a lot of talking about the new Fall Out Boy album … and he recently revealed to Rolling Stone that he and Patrick Stump have been spending the summer working hard on tracks for the record.

The band had originally planned to try and write the followup [to 2007’s Infinity on High] sooner, but the band’s cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” (featuring John Mayer) sidetracked them. “‘Beat It’ took off a little bit and that kind of stalled out our label and stuff like, ‘we gotta film a video for this,” Wentz revealed to Rolling Stone. “We weren’t in the right headspace to write songs before,” Wentz added.

The band had originally tried to write a new record prior to its failed attempt at being the first band to play all seven continents in a 24-hour period … but it just didn’t pan out. On a high note, Wentz explained,”[Writing] makes a lot more sense now. We became good friends again, which is good.”

So how far into the writing process are they? Well, it sounds like Patrick Stump still hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to composing. “I’ll go over to Patrick’s house and he’ll kind of just sit there and play songs, and I’ll be like, ‘Ah, that one’s awesome!” Wentz stated. But as for the lyrics … Wentz explained “…the words haven’t even really come in yet.”

With the band’s extended break almost coming to a close (a few secret shows are in the works as well as a just announced UK tour), Fall Out Boy has apparently been working on a new track with rapper T.I., which is supposedly going to sound like “something from [Tim Burton classic film] ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas'” according to Wentz. The new song, entitled “Out In the Cold,” is in consideration for T.I.‘s next album, Paper Trail (due out September 9). It seems, much like the band’s previous team up with Timbaland on “One and Only,” the song will at least feature Stump’s amazing vocals on the hook. “I drink to forget / I write so I never will / Curse myself / Down and out for all time / I’m always leaving you high and dry / I’m always leaving you out in the cold.”

And of course … there’s the question so many fans have been asking: will the next Fall Out Boy album serve as a tribute to Pete’s new wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and the child they are expecting together? Well … while Pete may be spending a great deal of his time taking care of Ashlee and looking forward to fatherhood, when it comes to the music he stated, “I think that it’s kind of blown out of control. That people expect us to have a happy fairy tale record, or something.”

What are you expecting from Fall Out Boy’s new record!?