New Umbrella Academy

Hey, heads up! Tomorrow, July 2nd, a new Umbrella Academy story will be running on the Myspace Dark Horse Presents page, free of charge!

Supposedly the story is set to revolve around Vanya and Diego/The Kraken in their teenage years. While we saw a little bit of the younger versions of the members of the team in the free comic book day issue, this issue will supposedly explore their background a little more and help show us more of why Vanya and Diego were so close in The Apocalypse Suite (now available in trade paperback. Have I shilled enough for this damned thing yet?).

So check it out. And take some time to look over some of the other titles, like Sugarshock by Joss Whedon (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Astonishing X-Men).

EDIT: So, due to timestamps being vague on a message sent out by DHP, I can’t tell if the new issue launches today or tomorrow. It’s possible that July 2nd will be a day of celebration, or that Dark Horse, like The Rumor, is a LYING LIAR OF LIES!

However, the message also warned for us to watch for updates on the next Umbrella Academy series next month, AND promised a sneak peek at Joss Whedon’s new project, an online horror film called “Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.” It stars Neil Patrick Harris. Need I say more?

EDIT THE SECOND: I heard a rumor that it’s gone live!