July 4th Blizzard Extravaganza.. what?

OKAY. so on thursday.. that was the 3rd.. me, erica and my mom went to dairy queen to get some blizzards.. and between the 3 of us, we got SIX. spent 18 dollars on ice cream. pfft. we crazy.

today was the 4th. happy 4th of july, kitty cats. uh so, we went to my dad’s side of the family’s get together. i normally don’t really like those, just because i don’t know any of my cousins that well. but this one was pretty cool. talked alot to my cousin, david, who just got back from a missions trip in africa.. he was telling us about eating worms and stuff. then i talked to my cousin who just got back from GERMANY. ugh. my family has been everywhere 😀

then we went to the park at around 9. didn’t talk to anyone really, except for chris, but that was only for a few seconds. leah’s chris had to work tonight, so we kept her company haha. i saw a really cute little kid with dreadlocks.. i wanted to grab him and cut off a lock and take it home. but i didn’t. after the fireworks, i screamed “OH MY GOSH! There’s JOHNNY DEPP!”. that was fun. and oh, during the fireworks, some dude kept shining a green laser. i saw him with it when we were walking to the cars, and i yelled “oh! it’s the guy with the laser!” then he looked at me and laughed. so i was kind of loud all night.

how was your 4th? i don’t know why i ask these questions at the end of my blogs.. no one ever reads these, do they? 😀