Into The Wild……


Gabrielle’s house, 10:30 pm:

Edward knocks on Gabrielle’s door and waits for her to answer. “What the hell is he doing?!” Jessica says as she and Dee watch’s all of this from across the street. “Donno, lets wait and see” says Dee with her eyes glued to Edward and Gabrielle’s front door. Moments later Gabrielle answers the door. “Edward! What’s up?” Gabrielle asks Edward. “Um, well, I was just wondering” begins Edward, but he stops and thinks about what he’s about to ask her. “Wondering about what?” Gabrielle asks him looking very confused. “Well, you know I go hiking right?” “Yeah” “Yep well…. I’m going on a hiking next weekend to those woods at the edge of town and….. I was wondering if you would like to join me. And your friends to, of course” Edward says with hope she would say yes. “Sure! I’ll ask the girls tomorrow if they want to!” says Gabrielle giving Edward a hug. Edward in turn face goes bright red at her touch. “Cool so, we’ll talk about it tomorrow?” mutters Edward when they pull apart. “Yeah sure!” says Gabrielle. “Ok well, goodnight” Edward says smiling. “Night” says Gabrielle with a smile as well. Then before Edward goes to walk away, Gabrielle gives him a kiss on the cheek. Edward turns really red now and says, “Night” again and then runs to his car and set there for a few minutes and then drives off. Gabrielle laughs a little and then gets out her cell phone and calls Dee. “Hey hun!” says Dee picking it up. “Hi Dee, you guys can come out now” says Gabrielle. Dee’s face turn’s and bit white and then laughs saying, “Hehe sorry! Couldn’t help it” Then the two hang up and then Dee gets out the car. “What’s going on?” Jessica asks her. “We got busted” says Dee laughing. “Oh crap!” says Jessica laughing and getting out of the car as well. Then the two girls walk over to Gabrielle and then the three walk into to house. As Gabrielle makes coffee, Dee and Jessica get some cookies and plates. “Ok, so when did you find out?” Jessica asks Gabrielle as the girls set down and being to talk. “When I heard you say “I would care for a spot of tea” to the waiter when he asked you what you wanted to drink. Now come on Jess!” Gabrielle says laughing. “Haha ok, dead give away!” says Jessica laughing as well. “Yeah, and I know Dee would be with you, mainly because she most likely came up with the idea to follow us in the first place, right Dee?” says Gabrielle. Dee juts laughs and nods her head. “Yeah, that’s what I thought” says Gabrielle laughing as well. “Ok, you got us. So, tell us what you and Mr. Edward were talking about a few minutes ago” says Dee getting her breath. “Well, he just asked me if we, me you and Jessica, would like to go on a hiking trip with him to the woods at the edge of town next weekend. That’s all” says Gabrielle. “Oh that was nice” says Dee. “So wait, he invited all three of us?” Jessica asks. “Yeah” says Gabrielle. “Hum, wonder why? I mean, you would think it he would like it to be just you two” Jessica says. “Well, maybe he thinks it might be better with she has friends with her, just to let her know that he doesn’t want anything freaky going on between them, being alone in the woods and all, ya?” says Dee. “Yeah, that might be” says Jessica. “Yeah, so what do you two say?” Gabrielle says to Dee and Jessica. “No really, do you think we would miss something like that?!” says Dee laughing. “Haha no!” says Gabrielle. “Hehe awesome!” says Jessica. “Cool. I’m gonna talk to him tomorrow and find out the details” says Gabrielle. “Cool can’t wait!” both Dee and Jessica say together.

Sometime later Dee and Jessica leave and head to their homes. Gabrielle says goodnight to them and then shuts the door behind them. Then she goes up and takes another shower and then she heads to bed. She watch’s tv for a bit and then she drifts off to sleep.

Gabrielle’s house, 5:00 am:

As she sleeps, Gabrielle’s cell phone suddenly rings. “This better be fucking good” Gabrielle mutters as she gets up and picks up the phone.