Height Difference is Fundemental!

So, I know a lot of people revisited their childhoods via Transformers last summer. And yeah, sure, I had a few as a kid. But growing up, I was weird.

Wait, I’m still weird.

Anyway, my father worked shifts when I was a kid and exposed me to the finer things in life. Like mid-day sci-fi/fantasy movies on cable TV. This, my friends, is why I grew up on the movie Red Sonja.

So with the announcement of a remake, I was both excited and nervous. Yes, remakes are bad, but dudes, RED SONJA. I thank/blame Bridgitte Nielson in that part for the way I turned out as an adult (remember, this was before she was just that girl who was dating Flavor Flav). Hell, I call myself “The New Age Amazon,” don’t I? Granted, ironically (I’m quite short) but that’s not the point.

But I was ready to see who they were casting in the leading role. It had to be a woman of strength, I figured. Power. Someone who could stand beside someone like Arnold and not look miniature. A buff beauty who could swing a sword and you KNEW she was gonna do some damage.

So they cast Rose McGowan.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think Rose is a lovely woman and was a fan of her in Charmed and especially in last year’s Grindhouse (which, if you haven’t seen it in it’s entirety, both films together with the trailers inbetween? Go do it somehow. Right fucking now. I can say “fucking” because I’m talking about a Tarantino movie!) but…well…

Bridgitte Nielsen = 6′ 1″ (185.42 cm)
Rose McGowan = 5′ 4″ (162.56 cm)
You do the math, folks. Because I am sure as hell not doing it for you.

Sadly, this gives me no hope in regards to the casting for the new Wonder Woman movie. I’m actually fearing something along these lines.