Starbucks is having this promotion on Wednesday’s for free iced coffee. I think this one is for two more wednesdays. Anyhow I’ve never had Iced Coffee in my life until now, I’ve had the Frappuccinos but they are more like a dessert. So I went to the driveup to get my free coffee [I gave them a dollar tip] and that was at around 6:30 pm on wednesday. And you can see by my monitor that half is still there at 12 am and it’s still the same at 2 am when I’m posting this. Well the bottom line is I don’t like it ~

Baby SPIDER update, they have been all over and while I was walking on my treadmill some were hanging right in front of my face and crawling on me. And one was just on my mouse. I think I may have to do some SPIDER relocating later on today ~