The Dark Knight – Put On Your Smiley Face!

Inspired by yesterday’s Photo of the Day, Ohthepainthepain made me wonder what other “Dark Knight” inspired art and photography was out there. For the past month, I’m sure some of you have seen photos from the “Why So Serious?” group that Newageamazon started floating around Buzznet….

The Dark Knight hit theaters last night to throngs of waiting fans and by all accounts, exceeds expectation. The anticipation of this film has lead to many showings across the country selling out this weekend and I’m sure plenty of us on Buzznet will be standing in line for tickets.

Whether you’ve been waiting or you’ve been inspired to dawn your own Joker face, let’s see what you’ve got! Raid your Mom’s make up or get your own, just show us that smiling face! Don’t forget to add the tags “The Dark Knight” and “Why So Serious” to your photos. We’ll be checking these out and featuring the most original photos.