My Chemical Romance to Cover Bob Dylan for ‘Watchmen’ Movie

Right now all the hype may be about “The Dark Knight,”and rightfully so, but with ComicCon starting today it seems fitting that an announcement has been made regarding another huge superhero film … “Watchmen.”

  • Dear MCR: Gimme new promo shots or I’ll photoshop your heads onto the
    Pussycat Dolls.

    The band is set to cover a song by Bob Dylan, but no definite song choice has been announced. We do know where the song will fit into the film, however. As reports: “The track will close out the film, and will be the only modern composition making up the movie’s soundtrack. I’ve talked with him and I’ve heard a little bit of some stuff that’s he’s done … and it’s pretty freaking cool,” Snyder exclaimed.

    Pretty freaking cool, indeed.

    In 2006, My Chemical Romance’s “To the End” was featured on the “Underworld: Evolution” soundtrack. Speaking of movies, rumor has it that Way’s popular comic book, The Umbrella Academy, may become a movie in the near future.

    What do you think? Can MCR pull off covering Dylan?