The Cab’s Alex DeLeon: Inspiration, Patrick Stump and Refridgerators

With an infectious fusion of rock, funk and pop, The Cab are set to be a breakout act. After getting their demo to fellow Las Vegas native Spencer Smith, drummer for Panic at the Disco, the band found themselves signed to Decaydance records. Since then they’ve opened for Cobra Starship on the Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking tour (check out my photos from the date at Diesel in Pittsburgh!) and then We the Kings on the Long Hair, Don’t Care tour before releasing their album Whisper War. In the middle of this buzz, lead singer Alex DeLeon did a short interview with

In the interview, DeLeon reveals that while he was in high school he would drive from Las Vegas to LA for gigs and then back again so he could be in class the next morning. He mentions how going from being a high school student in a band to a professional musician inspired The Cab’s music. He also brings up the band’s desire to write hopeful music rather than the more depressing fair offered up by a number of other modern bands.

DeLeon also cites Fall Out Boy vocalist, rhythm guitarist and tiny musical genius Patrick Stump as a professional role model of sorts. In his own words, he praises Stump by saying “I could only hope to have half the impact that he has had and half the career that he has created for himself.”

And ladies, you know they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So what sort of food should you be considering if you want to woo DeLeon? Well, he claims “I am the most unhealthy eater alive, and I probably have the most clogged arteries of any 19-year-old in the world.”

Yes, Singer. But those are amazingly talented clogged arteries.

The Cab is currently supporting The Hush Sound on the Dance Across the Country tour. Whisper War is currently available in stores. You can also watch the band’s video for “One of THOSE Nights” featuring Patrick Stump and Panic at the Disco’s Brendon Urie.

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