Yes, but I have BOOBS

So, for a long time it seems like the fashion industry has had some vendetta against women with hips, boobs and a butt. Designs were intended for women with a 15, 15, 15 figure, cuts were intended to create the illusion of curves instead of actually FITTING curves. And of course, the models themselves kind of looked like parking meters with arms.

However, a lot of designers have moved away from that. They’ve leaned towards designing for women of ALL builds, because let’s face it, there is no “perfect” or “ideal” body type. We’ve all go our pros and cons, and in this month’s issue of InStyle, designer L’Wren Scott is quoted as saying “I’ve never met a woman who loves her body. Ever.”

So, hooray for women’s bodies.

Wait, WHAT?

As an ad campaign this just WOUNDS me. I understand part of the point is to draw attention to what you’re selling, which this does.

However, when you’re selling clothing, part of your aim seems like it should be “If you wear our clothing, you will look THIS GOOD!” And this…doesn’t sell that. When I wear women’s clothing I don’t want to look like a very skinny boy. And while there are some women that might be going for that, I doubt it’s a wide enough audience for Marc Jacobs to be aiming his advertising at.

Long story short: his ad exec needs to be smacked and then be forced to walk down the streets of New York wearing a DD bra on their head.