Summerdays….*Chapter 30*

At Gabbie’s house:

Gabbie calls Dee, and it doesn’t even ring once when Dee picks up. “Ok, now tell me!” says Dee as a answer. “Haha ok” says Gabbie. And she then goes off into telling Dee about what happened that night. “And then, after we got done kissing, we went inside and watched a movie and then, Shannon all of a sudden calls me and says that he’s gonna come over and pick up the rest of his stuff, and he was like only a few minutes away!”“Oh my god!” says Dee getting all hyped up. “What did you do?!” “Well, we kinda did panic,” says Gabbie, “Jared turned off the tv and I put the popcorn and other stuff away and put on a pot of coffee. Then Shannon comes in and I then forgot that I was out of cream and went out to get more, took me a while to get back, that’s another long story for later, and when I got back Shannon was talking to Jared and then we all had coffee and then like after a hour it was late and Shannon got his stuff and went out the door and I helped him with the door and then before he drove away he told me that it’s ok that I’m dating Jared now, that he’s been more of a boyfriend then he was, and then we hugged and then he left. And that’s it” “Oh! That was soo sweet of him!” says Dee. “I know wasn’t it!” “Yeah, so how are you and Jared doing anyway?” “Oh we’re doing really well! He’s coming over later for a sleepover! We’re becoming really close” “Oh that’s wonderful! Glad you two are going good!” “Hehe thanks!” Just then Gabbie’s front door opens and she hears Jared yelling, “Baby? I’m here!”“Oops gotta go hun, Jared just walked in” “Oh ok then hun! Have a fun night!” “Hehe well do, goodnight” “Goodnight” Then the girls hang up. “Gabbie?” Jared calls for her. “Up here, in the bedroom!” Gabbie yell’s down to him. Then Jared walks up and before going into her room, he yell’s to her from the outside of the door, “Are you dressed?” “Yeah, come in” she reply’s opening the door. Jared then gives her a kiss. “I got you these” he then says giving her a dozen roses. “Aw how sweet!” Gabbie says taking the roses and giving him a kiss. “Come on, lets go down and put these in water” she says. The two head down the stairs and then Gabbie hunts for a vast with Jared cuts off some sharp thorns on the roses. “Did you try one of the closets in the hall upstairs?” Jared asks her as she stops her search for a vase in the kitchen. “No, is there one in there?” Gabbie says looking at Jared. “I donno, didn’t you use to keep flowers on one of the end tables in the hallway before someone bumped into it a it fell off and the flowers went everywhere?” “Yeah that was Shannon, but I thought the vase broke when it fell” “I don’t think so” “Well, doesn’t hurt to give it a shot” says Gabbie walking upstairs. A few minutes later she comes down with a blue vase. “Yeah your were right, it was in the back of the linen closet!” says Gabbie filling the vase up with water. “There ya go!” he says bring the roses over to her.Gabbie then puts the roses in the vase, and then puts them on the kitchen table. “They are really pretty!” Gabbie says again hugging Jared. He smiles at her and says, “Well your really pretty, so it fits” Gabbie gives a little laugh at that. A cute little laugh as Jared thinks of it.He then smiles one of his cute little smiles. And then the two kiss. Their kiss goes and on for a while. Then they pull apart, and then kiss again. “ I thought we would watch a movie” says Gabbie as they pull apart again. “If you want to, I thought you would like to make out for a bit but ok” “Haha ok, we’ll have time to make out later” says Gabbie now getting the popcorn. “I’ll get the popcorn, and you pick out the movie” says Jared taking the popcorn box off of her. “Oh come on! I picked one last time!” “Hush and go” says Jared smiling. Gabbie just shakes her head and goes into the living room. She picks a movie and goes to sit down in the sofa to turn the dvd player on. But when she does, she sits on something hard. “What’s this?” she says as she picks up a ring sized box….