life in the south pacific is…?

*yawns* i’m tired. aren’t i always.. i’ve been getting up late.. i hate that. i wonder how many times this blog will say ‘i’..

today we were supposed to go shopping but it was too late after we had done everything.

i’m really looking forward to the 4th of july.. except my cousin angela isn’t having the family get together at her house, sadly. we’ve always done that, but we aren’t this year. so sad.

this time last year i was in indiana.. or packing.. i don’t know, but i miss indiana. hannah and rebekah are going back for a while.. i wish that i was going with them. but nooo, they didn’t have enough room. *pouts* :p oh well, i have better things to do.

preview of my dog.. so far he likes to sleep alot.. and when he’s awake, he prances like a horse. he’s adorable, yeah?