Into The Wild……


Goldenrod Café, 6:50 pm:

“Who’s Edward?” Jessica asks Gabrielle. “Was that guy you were talking to today?!” asks Dee bouncing. “Um, yeah, that was Edward” says Gabrielle in a bit of a shock. She sits down in her chair and looks at the note in wonder. “Who’s Edward?!” Jessica says looking to Dee and Gabrielle to find out. “He’s a guy that was here today and he seems to have the likeys for Gab. And she likes him too of course” says Dee. “Whoa! Is he cute?!” Jessica asks Gabrielle sitting down next to her. “Oh yes, very handsome” Gabrielle reply’s smiling. “Well? Details!” says Jessica getting more hyped up. “Well, he’s kinda tall, has blue eyes, and I mean their blue! He has dark brown hair and a sweet smile and he’s really nice. And he has a British accent, or at least that’s what it sounded like to me” says Gabrielle. “Ahh he sounds awesome!” says Jessica. “And he likes you?!” “Yeah, well guess so. He did give me his number so…” says Gabrielle looking at the note again. “Awesome! Now why can’t I meet a guy like that?!” “Because your always running around, on duty and off” says Dee. “Yeah, I guess I need to chill out for a bit” says Jessica laughing. “Yes you do. Now, what are we doing for tonight?” says Dee. “Well me and Jess are hungry so, head out to that diner down the street?” “Oh, that one that has the sixty’s like style to it?” Jessica asks Gabrielle. “Nah, that’s the one two blocks from here, the one down the street has a fifty’s style to it” “Oh that’s right. Sounds cool!” “Ok cool. I’m hungry too. So do you guys want any snacks from here before we go?” Dee then asks as the three get up and start locking everything up. “Hell no! That’s why we eat out all the time, remember?!” says Jessica. “Yeah, and besides, don’t know what ya gonna get if you eat here!” agrees Gabrielle. “Haha! I don’t think the foods so bad here, besides the crab cakes, remember?” says Dee. “Oh yes, the three of us were sick for two weeks!” says Jessica shaking her head at the memory. “Yeah, didn’t know we could throw up so much!” says Gabrielle. “Yep. Well that was something we all had to learn I guess” says Dee. They girls laugh at that, then they head out the door and lock it up.

Back To The Fifty’s Diner, 7:15 pm:

The girls get to the diner and head in. They get seated and they order coffee. “Ah yes, sweet sweet coffee!” says Jessica drinking her cup. “I hear ya!” says Gabrielle raising her cup to Jessica and then drinking hers as well. “Got coffee Dee?” Gabrielle then asks Dee. “Nah, I got some tea” reply’s Dee sipping her cup. Jessica shakes her head at Dee and says, “You are such a outsider!” “What? I like tea sometimes instead of coffee. And besides tea is a lot better for your health then coffee” “Right, as I said, your s outsider” says Jessica shaking her head. “Oh shut up” says Dee laughing. Gabrielle doesn’t say anything but laughs. Then a waiter comes and the girls order. As they eat, they talk about what their gonna do once they get done eating. “How about, a movie?” says Gabrielle. “Nah, nothing new or good out, not until next week” says Jessica. “Oh, um lets see…” says Gabrielle trying ti think. “How about the mall?” says Dee. “Nah, their gonna be closed by the time we get there” says Gabrielle. “How about a nightclub?!” says Jessica. “Nope, too young” says Gabrielle who just turned sixteen. “Oh come on, we could slip in without anyone finding out!” says Jessica, who’s only fourteen. “Jess, that worked at the movies, I don’t think it’s gonna work at a nightclub” says Gabrielle. “Well how about Dee?! She could get us in! She’s nineteen!” says Jessica. “The answer is no Jess” says Dee shaking her head. “Oh you two are such party poopers!” says Jessica. “Oh hush. Hey, how about we go to the arcade! Haven’t been there in a while” says Gabrielle. “Oh! Yeah that sounds awesome!” says Dee clapping her hands. “Oh fine” says Jessica in dismay a little. “Oh cheer up Jess, you’ll have fun” Gabrielle says as the three pay for their food a leave. “I guess” says Jessica. “I parked only a block away from the café this time” says Dee as they head out. A few minutes later they walk up to Dee’s red sports car and they all hop in. “I can’t wait to drive one of these baby’s” says Jessica. “Yeah their pretty neat to drive” says Dee. “So Gab, what kind of car are you getting when you get to drive?” Jessica asks Gabrielle. “I donno yet, really I don’t know if I gonna get my licenses” says Gabrielle. “Really? Why not?” asks Dee. “I donno don’t think I’m ready yet, ya know?” “Yeah guess your right. Well you’ll know when your ready I guess” says Dee. “I am so gonna get my license when I turn sixteen!” says Jessica. “And god help us when that happens!” both Dee and Gabrielle says laughing.