the glamorous life of your typical los angeles disaster

where do i begin.. life has been great.. retrograde is finishing in less than a week.. mtv meetings are going well.. third meeting is going to happen later this week or beginning of next.. wednesday i am shooting for jeffree’s merch line.. klariza is taking the photos and anna rose will be doing hair/makeup.. friday trace and i are going to warped in pomona.. excited to check out some good bands and have a heat stroke from the sun! hmmm.. what to wear… haha! yesterday sarah came over.. robyn, boone and i watched the laker game and ordered chinese.. i dont even like sports but somehow i keep getting sucked in.. saturday was.. lets just say dramatic.. and leave it at that.. some people need to learn how to act their age.. i cant explain how nice its been having my boy in town for more than a night or two.. its great..

i love the way desert look.. so colorful and creative.. im going to start saying my fashion is inspired by pastries instead of a person.. who or what do you say your fashion is inspired by? robyn and i missed the swap meet sunday.. i slept in and she ended up laying out by the pool.. ahaha.. maybe next weekend? tonight is gossip girl and then i think im driving to see my boy.. my nails are back to black.. my gold blackberry finally arrived.. i love it.. i kinda want to get it bedazzled at the mall like my old sidekick.. i miss that.. i suggest you go listen to tons of fiona apple.. she amazing.. and every song is a hit..

tons of new photos coming soon.. ive been going to coffee bean every day now and ive become the person who walks in and the people go hey hanna.. vanilla ice blended? ive become the person who doesnt even need to order.. they just know.. im a coffee bean zombie.. maybe time for a new coffee joint.. once they know your name and your drink you know you’re going to much.. ahahaha

who is going to warped tour? what band are you most excited to see?