Fuse’s All American Face Off

Fuse is celebrating the beauty of democracy withstate-by-state battles between musicians. And they’re asking you to vote so they can figure out who to play over July 4th weekend.

I linked Ari and she and I are currently bemoaning some of the choices we’re being asked to make:

oh no(4:14:40 PM) Arianrhod:they’re making me pick between Dashboard and John Mayer(4:14:47 PM) newageamazon: Yeah(4:14:52 PM) Arianrhod:😀(4:14:56 PM) Arianrhod:its hard for ME!!!(4:15:05 PM) newageamazon: California is G and R versus The Chili Peppers(4:15:11 PM) Arianrhod:i know(4:15:11 PM) newageamazon: New York is Jay-Z versus the Beasties(4:15:13 PM) Arianrhod:i saw that(4:15:15 PM) Arianrhod:ahhhh(4:15:20 PM) newageamazon: NJ is My Chem versus Bon Jovi.(4:15:23 PM) Arianrhod:i haven’t gotten there yet… tha;ts a rough one(4:15:25 PM) newageamazon: THESE ARE NOT EASY CHOICES!(4:15:59 PM) Arianrhod:no they’re really not(4:16:15 PM) Arianrhod:but you have to chose your favorite jackson for indiana so i guess some are easy (janet)(4:16:20 PM) newageamazon: lol(4:16:21 PM) newageamazon: Yeah(4:16:31 PM) Arianrhod:Slip knot vs stone sour(4:16:32 PM) newageamazon: One of the most amazing women in the business, or a creepy child rapist(4:16:40 PM) Arianrhod:do they realize they’re the SAME BAND?(4:17:05 PM) Arianrhod:like not figuritively, literally(4:17:25 PM) Arianrhod:stone sour is all the talent in slip knot made into a band(4:18:09 PM) newageamazon: lol(4:18:20 PM) newageamazon: …dammit, I really don’t know how to vote on New Jersey(4:18:43 PM) Arianrhod:or to be more factual, ston sour is cory taylor’s first band, and slip knot beat him up and made him join their band so that they would have some talen(4:18:49 PM) newageamazon: Bon Jovi has staying power…but his past couple albums sucked. And My Chem is MY CHEM(4:18:56 PM) newageamazon: HAHAHAHA(4:19:06 PM) Arianrhod:I like his last two albums more than the early stugg(4:19:08 PM) Arianrhod:stuff(4:19:12 PM) newageamazon: Nah.(4:19:40 PM) Arianrhod:m’n’m vs the white stripes?(4:19:43 PM) newageamazon: and dammit, now it’s Jay-Z and the Beasties.(4:19:47 PM) newageamazon: I voted Eminem.(4:19:48 PM) Arianrhod:I actually dis like both enough to not want to vote(4:19:54 PM) newageamazon: There’s a bunch I didn’t vote for(4:19:57 PM) newageamazon: I didn’t vote in Florida(4:20:10 PM) Arianrhod:I hate the white stripes If I don’t know the bands i skipped it(4:20:20 PM) newageamazon: yeah, same here(4:20:34 PM) Arianrhod:oh no(4:20:41 PM) Arianrhod:311 vs bright eyes…(4:20:46 PM) newageamazon: I took 311(4:20:52 PM) Arianrhod:you didn’t tel me i had to chose between 311 and Bright eyes(4:20:55 PM) newageamazon: I’m sorry!Join us in our pain! Go vote!