‘F’N MTV’ Taping: Snoop, Panic, Dolls, Doting Newlywed

On Wednesday night, Buzznet attended the first taping of the brand-new Pete Wentz-hosted “F’N MTV“! The idea? MTV is playing music again! Ha.

To get it kicked off, Pete dug some older vids out the vault — Blur, which he said “blew his teenage mind”; a video by the The Replacements that he said “proves less is more”; and (yeah, you saw this one coming) Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” He extended an open invite for MJ to make a guest appearance on the show. As he often does elsewhere.

The first guest was Flo Rida, who premiered his new video for “In the Ayer,” which features Will.I.Am. The audience was encouraged to text in votes as to whether they liked it, loved it, weren’t feelin’ it, or think it was an instant classic.

Then came a sparkly pack of Pussycat Dolls, who premiered their new “When I Grow Up” video. Pete asked them about who was making a cameo in the video. A-HEM. It was SUPPOSED to be my girl Britney Spears, but the Dolls said the cameo didn’t make the final cut. My heart sank a little. Pete asked if he could make a cameo in the next PCD video, because “he wants to be hot like your girlfriends.” Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, one of three video commentators (very Sports Center-ish, eh?), was completely tongue-tied after watching their video.

Next Pete played some old clips by The Cure, The Who and Blink-182 as a lead-in to Panic at the Disco‘s live performance of “That Green Gentleman”

During commercial break, Pete ran up to the back of the studio to spend a minute with his new bride, Ashlee Simpson. Aww.

The Ting Tings came all the way across the pond to premiere their vid for “Shut Up and Let Me Go” (yeah, that’s the iPod song), but the majority of the audience voted that they merely LIKED it. Ouch.

Then the supposed big deal went down: Snoop took the stage all cowboy-ed out to premiere his video for “My Medicine.” He dedicated it to Johnny Cash, although another country legend, Willie Nelson, gets significant face time in a few scenes. The best part, though, was a short segment they played before the Snoop debut — the rapper visited Pete & Ash’s crib and gave hilarious baby-raising advice. Ashlee sat on the sidelines and watched wide-eyed with a big grin on her face, cracking up several times. The best line? “Don’t ever let your kid rap,” Snoop said as he walked out the door, ” ’cause you guys are the whitest couple on earth.”

[Photo by Jamie Pham]

As it got close to the end of the show, Pete admitted that it wasn’t “since his honeymoon” that he’d had so much fun, and he smiled over at Ash, who was beaming. They’re so effing cute, I swear.

Then (OMG) Panic at the Disco and Snoop Dogg performed “Gin and Juice.” If you’ve ever wanted to hear the phrase, “Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind,” come from the mouth of RyRo, you’re going to get your chance.

To close out the show, Panic played my favorite song from Pretty. Odd. (all right, and Pete said it was his fave too), “Northern Downpour.”

If you want to see more pics, Jamie Pham got some money shots!

And if you wanna see it all, make sure to set yourself up for the premiere on Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.