And now it comes down to the wire. Last week we named our final four, and this week we name our final three contestants.

The seventh person eliminated from Buzznet Survivor is:

She fought hard until the bitter end, and it was actually a very, very close vote this time. But, the tribe has spoken.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight’s poll will not be to eliminate a player, it will be to choose a winner.

Which also means that the jury can STOP HIDING ELSEWHERE ON THE ISLAND and reappear to ask whatever questions of the final three (Seb, OunceofWentz and Breesays) that they wish. The final three are asked to respond if they can, but are also reminded their answers don’t have to make any sense.

And if there’s anyone out there with graphic design skills who would like to make some kind of banner or graphic for the winner, I would appreciate it.