The PETA Problem

So, I figured with the announcement of the poll for World’s Sexiest Vegetarian, it would be a perfect time for me to go off on a wild rant about my dislike for PETA.

Let me start off by saying this: I respect people who choose to be vegan and vegetarian. This is in no way a knock against them and their lifestyle. Hell, I sometimes wish I had the self control to do something like that. You’re doing what you need to do for yourself, for whatever reason. And you have given the world vegan cupcakes, which I thank you for because DAMN are those tasty (I still need to figure out how to make the vegan mojito ones I found online).

But I can’t respect PETA. And while I hate to say it, I lose a certain amount of respect for people who do support it. Yes, this includes Gabe Saporta and Andy Hurley. Obviously it’s not enough to make me stop being a fan of either of them, because they’ve got a hell of a lot of great qualities aside from that. And I know that they most likely do not agree with ALL of PETA’s aims.

At least, I hope not.

Because if PETA had their way? A good friend of Andy and Gabe’s wouldn’t be around anymore.

No, not Pete.


PETA’s stance on pit bulls has been long documented. And while their official site claims that they only want to stop the breeding of the dogs because they’re mistreated, this like so much of their other information is pure propaganda. Since 2000, news has circulated about PETA supporting the euthanization of pits and pit breeds. And it continues to this day, with reports as recent as this January showing that PETA’s aim to save animals only applies to the ones they approve of. And, when there was an outreach of sympathy for the dogs following the conviction of football star Michael Vick, PETA only changed their ad campaigns, not their aims.

It’s important to remember that ANY breed of dog can turn on you if mistreated. Which would indicate that the only ways to stop this sort of thing are:

a) ban the owning of any dog



Is PETA doing this? Well, as far as I can see, their goals are to stop me from eating meat, stop me from taking medications tested on animals, and then maybe stop some asshole from beating his dog, if they’ve got time.

How does this make sense? You’d think the protection of domestic companion animals would come before the protection of animals raised for slaughter or animals being sacrificed to save human lives. In case you didn’t guess it, I do support animal testing as our best bet right now, but I also believe that since those animals are being tested on and potentially killed in order to help save my life or the life of someone I love, or to help increase the quality of life for a loved on, I believe that the animals should be treated with respect and well cared for.

A friend of mine worked in a lab that worked exclusively on cats, trying to help victims of spinal cord injuries regain bladder function, to help them not only regain some dignity but to try and prevent bladder or urinary tract infections. And yes, the cats were tested on, and that part was gruesome. But at the same time, when the cats were not in labs they were cared for in a welcoming environment, provided with time to run around and socialize and played with by interns in the lab. The lab also allowed for the rescuing of cats before they went under the knife, and this friend ended up adopting one of the sweetest felines I’ve ever known, by the very appropriate name of “Lovey.”

PETA has suggested that we should be able to work on cloned organs and systems. I don’t know if PETA realizes they are getting into a huge ethical dilemma in that situation, not to mention the cost of cloning human systems to test on would increase the already ridiculous cost of medication in the US. I’m sorry, PETA, when it comes to a family member getting something to delay the spread of their cancer, or a lab rat? My family comes first.

I would like to some day see the elimination of testing on animals. And while we should be working towards that goal, right now it’s the best bet we have. If PETA were suggesting logical ways to do so, I might support them. But then again, they’re too busy making videos to shock people into devoting themselves to cotton clothing and tofu to ACTUALLY try and solve a problem.

In the end, like I said. You don’t wanna eat meat? Don’t eat meat. You don’t wanna wear leather or fur? Don’t. You don’t like testing on animals? Find a solution.

But please, PLEASE: Think before you PETA.

EDIT: Peterismyplaymate has started a group for Pitbull owners and lovers. So click and join!