Summerdays….*Chapter 23*

A few hours later, at Gabbie’s house:

It’s one thirty, and Gabbie is getting ready for lunch with Dee and Frank in her room. “Now what to wear?” she asks herself. Then she finds a nice skirt and top to wear, so she throws them on and heads downstairs. Jared and Shannon are still not back yet, “Hopefully they will be soon, or we’re gonna be late” she thinks. Just as she goes into the kitchen to clean some plates, she hears Jared and Shannon walk through the door. “I know but I still say we should have two days there instead of one” says Jared closing the door. “Whatever man, I guess that would be cool” reply’s Shannon. Then Shannon yell’s, “Gabbie?! Where are you?!” “I’m in the kitchen!” she yell’s back. Then Jared and Shannon go into the kitchen. “It’s a good thing you guys got here, it’s almost two, thought you were gonna be late” says Gabbie putting the plates away. “Well we tried to get here before then” says Jared. Jared then gives Shannon a look, and Shannon sighs and says, “Hey Gabbie? I need to talk to you for a moment, please?” “Um, sure Shan” reply’s Gabbie, giving Jared a weird look. He just smiles and nods his head saying, “I’ll be in the living room if you need me: and off he goes. “So…what’s up?” says Gabbie. “Well, I wanted to say that I’m sorry for being a ass lately” “Oh, well… well Shan I really don’t know what to say” “I know, I’ve been a real asshole and, I really don’t have to be that way, even more around you” “Ok” “Yeah and, I’m sorry I yelled at you this morning” “Uh huh. Well I gotta say, I did not like that one bet, I was trying to talk to you and you go off and all” “I know! And I’m really sorry, guess I need to chill out for a bit, need to clear my head” “Um, yeah you do” There’s a bit of silence between them for a minute, then Shannon says, “You still pissed at me huh?” “Well yeah I mean, I’m kinda, no, really getting tired of this whole thing” “I know” More silence, then Shannon says, “Maybe we should take a break for a while, you and me, ya know?” “Yeah, I think we should” “Ok then, but remember I’ll always be here for you” “I know, and I’ll be here for you too” They smile at each other and hug. Then they hear Jared yell, “Hey guys! Dee and Frank are here! Let’s go!” “Ok coming!” they yell back. Shannon and Gabbie walk out with Jared, then Gabbie remembers that she left her handbag. “Be right back!” she says running back up to the house. “I’ll go with you! Left my wallet there, again” says Jared running up as well. “You always lose it, why don’t you get a chain for it?” “Haha maybe I should” They grab their stuff and as they go out the door Jared asks Gabbie, “So what did Shannon want to talk about?” “Well, he wanted to say sorry about the way he’s been acting as of late, and we both think we should take a brake form each other for a while” “Oh” “Yeah. Did you say something to him at the meeting? Cause I saw you give him some kind of look and that was when he said he wanted to talk to me” “Well, all I said was that he should talk to you and say he was sorry, he told me he was and I told him “don’t tell it to me, tell it to her” and so he did” “Yeah. Thanks a lot for that” “No prob, now come on, we’re gonna be late!” Gabbie smiles at him and gives him a fast hug, and she runs out the door. Jared locks the door, an don his way back to Dee and Franks van he thinks to himself, “So their taking a brake, and if I know those two, that means, in a nice way, it’s over. Great, just great” And as he walks along some more, he thinks, “But hey, maybe now I have a chance with her!” He then stops dead in his tracks in horror about what he just thought. “Dude what the hell! That’s you brother’s gf, or was….whatever that was just wrong to think!” he yells at himself in his head. “Hey Jare! You coming or what?!” yells Gabbie form Dee and Franks van. “Um, yeah hold on!” and he run up the rest of the way and hops into the van. “But really, was that just wrong to think, or right?” he thinks over and over again as they all head to the café for lunch.