Summerdays….*Chapter 21*

At Gabbie’s house:

“Hello?” says Gabbie picking up her cell. “Hey Gabbie, it’s Jared” “Why am I not surprised” Gabbie thinks. “Hey Jared, what’s up?” says Gabbie. “Nothing much, just calling to see if you got home ok” “Oh well yeah I’m ok” “Cool, so is Shannon there?” “Nah, he’s babysitting his friend over his house” “Oh, so your alone” “Yeah, and ya know something, it’s kinda creepy here, being alone” “Oh, really?” “Yeah. It’s weird cause, well you know I’ve been living here for a awhile now, and it never once bothered me” “Yeah” Silence for a moment, then Jared says, “Do you want me to come over and hang with you for the night?” “Oh no! You need to get some sleep, I’ll be ok, thanks” “No prob, you sure?” “Yeah, I’m sure” “Ok then, well if you ever need me, I’m here” “I know Jared, and thanks” “No prob, gonna let you go now, get some sleep” “Ok, goodnight” “Goodnight” and they hang up. Gabbie try’s to go back to sleep, but she can’t. She keeps hearing sounds coming from outside the room, like footsteps. And it’s scareing the hell out of her. “Calm down now, it’s just the house” she says to herself pulling the covers over her head. “But is it just the house, or something else?” she thinks. “Don’t think that, just go to sleep” But the footsteps just wont stop. Are they coming closer?! Or is she just thinking that way? Whatever it is, she’s not liking it. “Maybe I should ask Jared to come over” she thinks. “No, he’s most likely sleeping now, and he doesn’t get enough sleep as it is, and it would be mean to wake him. Oh I donnno” Gabbie sits up and turns on the light. “Maybe I should call Shannon?” she thinks. Then she thinks, wait knows, that he would just tell her to chill out and just go to sleep, it’s the house or something like that. Wonderful.And then, she thinks she just saw something run by the door, like a dark thingy. That’s it. Gabbie gets on her cell and calls Jared. “Gabbie? What’s wrong!?” says Jared picking up the phone. He doesn’t sound like he just woke up, that’s a good thing. “Um, yeah, could you come over please? The house is major creeping me out, and I think it’s haunted” Silence for a moment, then Jared says, sounding a little like he’s thinking she’s just creeped out by being alone, “Really? Why do you think that?” “Uh yeah! Dude I’m hearing fucking footsteps outside my bedroom door. And I think I saw a back thingy run by the door, just now!” “Uh, a back thingy?” “Yeah, don’t get all funny with me ok! I know what I saw, just can’t name it” “Ok ok, chill, I’m coming over now” “Thank you” and they hang up. Sometime later Jared drives into the driveway. He gets out and knocks on the door. “Hey Jared, thanks for coming over” says Gabbie opening the door. “No prob” reply’s Jared. Gabbie gets him some coffee. It looks like she’s already had a few cups, since there’s only a little left in the pot. “So, are you hearing any more footsteps?” “Yeah, just before I opened the door, heard them upstairs” “Oh, why don’t I go up and see what’s going on?” “Sure” So Jared and Gabbie go upstairs. “Anything?” says Gabbie looking around with Jared. “Nope, don’t see anything that would make footsteps” “Did you hear them yet?” “No not yet” Gabbie shakes her head. “Maybe it is just me” “Well, we don’t really know that, lets just wait and see” “Ok” They go back downstairs and have more coffee, then they head up to Gabbie’s room. Gabbie gets out the airbed for Jared, and some covers for him as well. “Thanks Gab” “No prob” Then they go to bed. After like a minute later, the footsteps start up again. “Do you hear it?” says Gabbie to Jared. “Yeah” Gabbie sits up, and so does Jared. “Let me see” says Jared opening the door. He goes out for a minute to see what’s making the sound. “Anything?” “Nope, they just stopped” “Okkkk” “Yeah. I’m coming back in” “Yeah” Jared goes back in and says, “This is just weird” “Yeah” Jared gets back in his airbed, then asks Gabbie, “Feeling better though?” “Yeah, tons, thanks Jared” “Your welcome. Goodnight Gab” “Night Jared” and they go to sleep.

The next morning, at Gabbie’s house:

Jared wakes up to the smell of coffee and pancakes. “Wake up Jare! Foods on the table!” Gabbie yell’s hitting him on the head with a pillow. “Ok ok I’m up!” yells Jared. “So you hit me with a pillow as a thank you for hanging out with you last night?!” “No, I made you pancakes as a thank you, hitting you with the pillow was just for fun” “Oh nice” “Yeah, I know. No come on! Foods getting cold!” So they go down and eat.

A few hours later:

“Well I better get going, need to work out some stuff before we go on tour, need to talk to the guys and all” “Oh, when is the tour starting?” “Next month, it’s a month long, and there’s a lot of work to do before we go” “Oh cool” Jared walks out and yell’s to Gabbie, “I’ll call you later!” “Ok, thanks for hanging with me again!” “No prob!” then he gets in his car and leaves.

A few hours later, and Jared’s house:

Jared’s been running around like cay getting everything set up for the tour. “Now where is my wallet?!” he says looking around the living room. He’s gonna be late meeting up with the guys to talk about the tour. “Oh crap, left it at Gabbie’s house didn’t I?” he says hitting himself on the head. “Well, I guess I can stop by real fast to pick it up, let me call her to let her know I’m coming” he says picking up the phone. He call’s, but no answer. “Hum. Wonder what’s up? Oh well, let me just go, she wont mind” So he jump’s in his car and goes to Gabbie’s house.

Sometime later, at Gabbie’s house:

Jared pulls up to Gabbie’s house and turns off the car. Then he hears yelling form the house, sounds like Gabbie and Shannon are going at it, oh great.