Summerdays….*Chapter 18*

At Jared’s house:

“Shit I am so late!” says Gabbie looking at her watch as she’s walking up to the house. She knocks on the door, and it pops open. “Jared?” Gabbie calls, looking around the house for him. No answer. “Jared! Where the hell are ya?!”Still no answer. “Ok, what the hell” she says walking around. Then the door open’s, and in walks Jared holding some bags. “Oh hey Gab! Um, how did you get in, and how long have you’ve been here?” “ Only a few minutes, and the door was open dumbass. And may I ask why it was open?” “Oh, um I thought I locked it” “Well you didn’t, good job” “Whatever, been saying I need a new door” He sits the bags down on the kitchen table and says, “Did you get my call?” “No, crap” “Oh, well I called your cell saying that I was going out for some food, as you can see, so don’t come till one thirty, cause I wouldn’t be here till then” “Well good thing I was late” “Yeah, I thought you were here for a half hour. What something to eat before we go?” “Um, well I thought we could go to a diner or something” “Oh well, I was gonna make some homemade taco’s, veggie style” “I’m in!” says Gabbie sitting at the table at once. “That’s what I thought” says Jared smiling. So he makes the taco’s, and then makes some iced tea. “Oh! By the way, I think your brother lost his mind” says Gabbie being reminded by Jared handing her the tea. “Oh, how?” “He’s stopped drinking coffee” Jared almost drops his taco. “Huh?!” “Yeah” Jared then sits down and says, “What the hell happened?” “He said he read somewhere that it’s a lot healthier to drink tea then coffee” “Oh, well, this is odd” “More like weird” “Yeah, wonder how long this is going to last” “I donno, he seems to be really into it” “Hum, well I hope it works out for him” “Yeah, me too” They eat in silence for a bit, then Jared asks, “So how is he, with you that is” “Oh good, he’s getting over it” “Good, don’t know why he got worked up about it in the first place. I mean, I can understand about being mad about you not calling but, once I found out you were safe, I would be ok then” “Yeah well, as I said last night, that’s what makes you and Shannon different I guess” “Yeah” They get done eating in silence, and, after a bathroom run for the both of them, they head out. “So where to?” Jared asks in Gabbie car. “Well I was thinking about the art museum, we haven’t been there in ages ya know? Sound good?” “ Yeah sounds awesome! Let’s go!”

A few hours later, at the art museum:

Gabbie and Jared are having a great time, messing around about paintings and all. While at this one painting about a women who looks like she’s doing a messed up version of the Exorcist, (or so says Jared), Gabbie gets a call from Dee. “Hey hun, um is this a bad time?” “No, what’s up?” “Um, well I know that I’m bothering but, could you please please pick up some baby medicine, I can’t get out of the house and, I know now why Bayly is fussy” “Cold?” “Yeah, a little one” “Sure I’ll pick up some meds, I’ll be at your house in a hour” “Oh now don’t rush your day, I can hold off till…” “No Dee, I said I’ll be there in a hour, ok?” “Oh ok, I’ll see you then, thanks a lot for this” “Your very welcome, now get back to the little one” “Ok” They hang up, then Gabbie turns to Jared and says, “Hey um, I need to go and pick up some meds for Dee’s Balyly, she has a little cold so…” “Ok, lets go” “Well I thought you might like to stay here and I can come back” “Nah, I want to go with you, and besides, we’re running out of paintings to mess with” “Ok then”

Some time later:

So Gabbie and Jared go to a CVS and pick up some medicine for little Bayly.

Then some time later they dive up to Dee and Frank’s house.

At Dee and Frank’s house:

“Oh thanks a lot guys!” says Dee as Gabbie hands her the bag filled of medicine for Bayly. “How’s the little honey doing?” says Jared walking over to Balyly. She gives a little cough. “Ah poor thing!” says Gabbie walking over to her. “Oh yes, we’ve been doing this all day, and here’s a weird thing, she’s hasn’t been drinking anything, I was wondering if you might take a look at her?” “Not drinking, humm, well, let’s give her the meds and see if she takes it, it is liquid” says Jared. “Ok” Gabbie holds Bayly while Jared gives her the medicine. She takes it for a second, then spits it back up and starts crying. “Oh no!” says Dee taking Bayly and holding her. “Well I know what’s wrong now” says Jared. “What?!” says Gabbie. “Grab your jackets, she’s got a sore throat, and a bad one. We need to get her to the hospital, now!”