These shoes were made for loafin’ – Gutter Snipe Adventures

Location: La Brea/Sunset, Hollywood CATime: LunchObject: Shoes & Socks

I’m prone to looking at the floor. Not because I am low in spirits or lost in thought, but because that’s usually where all the good stuff is laying around. I’ve been lucky enough to find dollars, cents, wallets, phones, and a few other odd objects while looking at the floor. Being a more tan version of Charlie Brown and hanging my head around town has it’s advantages at times. This is my attempt to document some of the strange things I find on the city streets.

I’ve seen shoes strewn high above my head, tangled in wires. The placement there is rather obvious. A new pair of summer slip on’s replaces the worn out sew ups of the preceeding school year. What better way to remember your “been there, done that” mentality.

I’ve often seen one shoe, on it’s own, braving the streets while looking for it’s lost brother or sister. I’m not sure how shoes end up in the middle of the street. Was someone dangling a foot out of the passenger side window, only to have a mighty gust of wind to snag the sandal off their feet? Strange circumstance are probably involved in the missing shoe scenario, the likes of which my best fictions can conjure up.

The above photo intrigues me. I am used to seeing this scene splayed out near pools of water or at the rewarding end of hiking trails. This pair of Chuck’s was found outside of a 7-11 convenience store next to a public telephone. I would understand their placement if there had a been a motel pool that demanded attention by some rebel that paid no attention to the keep out and no diving signs of said establishment.

The pair of socks baffles me. This seems to scream, “panic!” The feet begged escape from the musky confines of their canvas and cotton-y blend prison. I’m sure madness ensued. That or careless littering. I prefer the former, as it is much more elaborate.

Hopefully I have more things to snap poor quality pictures of in the future. If you have any photos of things on the streets, feel free to send them to me and we can create fictions on their placement. Toodles!

El Rich