When I say “Shotgun,” You Say – SHUT THE HELL UP

If I see this quote ONE MORE TIME in reference to Pete and Ashlee Wentz’s marriage, I think I will literally punch someone through the internet. Really, I will.

Some interesting facts about the phrase “shotgun wedding:”

  • The phrase was not coined by Panic at the Disco. It is an American colloquialism that existed long, long, long before Ryan Ross was even a twinkle in his daddy’s eye. So PLEASE stop attributing the phrase to them.
  • The use of “shotgun wedding” in the Panic at the Disco song “Time to Dance” is not a reference to Pete and Ashlee. For one thing, it was written years before the two of them were together. It was, in fact, one of the two demos that Ryan sent to Pete when he originally contacted him. For another thing, the song as a whole is an homage to Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk.
  • A “shotgun wedding” generally means that the groom is unwilling to go through with the marriage. Pete was a willing participant in the wedding.
  • While the pair may have hurried the wedding along, it was reportedly not because Ashlee wanted to be married before she gave birth, but wanted to be married before she was showing. That’s not “shotgun.” That’s fashion.

So please, please, please, PLEASE stop quoting “Time to Dance” in reference to Pete and Ashlee. First of all because you’re wrong. Second of all because it’s not cute anymore. It’s not creative. It’s just stupid.

Besides, Ryan Ross wants them to live happily ever after. And has another Panic song in mind for the two of them.