Pete and Ashlee’s Wedding: Decaydance Bands Weigh In

Ashlee and Pete have been the Wentz’s for maybe 24 hours at this point, but some of their friends are already weighing in on the situation. And they’ve got nothing but good to say.

Tyga, the cousin of Gym Class HeroesTravis McCoywho was recently signed to the Decaydance label (Pete also appears in his video for “Coconut Juice“), had glowing comments for People magazine:

“They don’t care about the media, they don’t care about being famous, the money – they’re young and having fun.” The rapper said he got to know the couple when Simpson joined him and Fall Out Boy on the Young Wild Things tour a year ago. “She’d listen to my song and be like, ‘this is my favorite song!’ She’s real cool.” As for wishing the couple, who tied the knot on Saturday, good luck, Tyga said, “They don’t need no good luck. They don’t need no wishes. They’ve got everything they want in the world.”

And, during a concert in Ohio, Ryan Ross of Panic at the Disco made a TOTALLY SUBTLE reference to the couple before dedicating the song “Northern Downpour” to them.

Also, Pete’s bandmate Patrick Stump posted an update on his Web site:

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. You Know Who. It was a very good night tonight, and I’m ecstatic about the whole thing.

ETA: Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta has some words for those fans who think that marrying Ashlee will make Pete a different person:

“He’s totally the same dude,” [Saporta] continued. “She’s a really nice girl and it’s weird, I can’t say that I was an Ashlee Simpson fan but I definitely know that kids in the emo scene have her record as a guilty pleasure.”

I’ll try to keep you updated on other reactions as they roll in!

Click the image to see Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson’s kickass gift from Travis Barker: