Paramore’s Hayley Williams Dating New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert?

On Monday night, New Found Glory took the stage at Safari Sam’s in Hollywood and played for over an hour and a half! That makes my pop-punk-loving heart pang with longing – and I ALMOST don’t even want to talk about it, except, well, there are some juicy deets from a show review over on AbsolutePunk.
According to Sammy Jankis, the band is finishing pre-production on its new album and will go in the studio June 2 to start recording. Mark Hoppus will be producing what Jordan Pundik described it as a tentative mixture between Sticks and Stones and Catalyst, but a little more mature sounding. The reviewer also said that it appears that Chad Gilbert and Hayley Williams are now dating.

Maybe in no small coincidence, Hayley appeared onstage last night to sing part of “It Ain’t Me Babe” with New Found Glory, just like she had at Bamboozle Left last month.New Found Glory set list:“Tip of the Iceberg”“Dig My Own Grave”“If You Don’t Love Me”“No Reason Why”“Here We Go Again”“Cut the Tension” “At Least I’m Known for Something” “Sincerely Me”“3rd and Long” “Boy Crazy” “Dressed to Kill” “2’s & 3’s” “Never Sometimes”“Ballad for the Lost Romantics” “Vegas” “It Ain’t Me Babe” (featuring Hayley Williams) “The Story So Far” “Truth of My Youth” “Minor Threat” “Sonny” “On My Mind” “Understatement” “Passing Time” “The Glory of Love” “Hit or Miss” “All Downhill From Here” “Intro”“My Friends Over You”

I’m so crying on the inside over that set list.