Paramore Talk About Next Record, Ready to Get ‘Heavier’

Yesterday, caught up in all the Paramore pro-Miley messaging, we neglected to mention their discussion about the direction album numero tres will be headed in.

“We’re going back and forth, because there are so many things we want to accomplish as a band, and right now it’s all over the place,” Hayley said when she spoke to MTV. “We gotta get it focused. That’s part of the writing process. … I’m a big fan of a lot of heavier music. I’ve been listening to stuff like H20, and Set Your Goals new album, Mutiny! So there’s a lot of that. We’re hoping to have a good 20 songs done by the time we get off the road, and we’ll see where we go from there by the end of the year.”

When Buzznet interviewed Hayley and Jeremy at Bamboozle Left, they talked about what’d been inspiring their new material thus far, alluding to the band drama that sparked several rumors earlier this year.

Hayley also expressed hope to MTV News that Paramore would be able to record their next disc close to home. “We hope to work in Nashville, because we’ve been on the road for so long, and to be away from home has been tough,” she said.

Heavier Paramore? Like, a little less “When It Rains,” a little more “Misery Business”? Hell yes.