Panic at the Disco Say New Songs Do Not Mean Another New Album in ’08

To everyone who interpreted Panic at the Disco‘s recent comments about writing new material to mean that they’d be putting out another album later this year — chilllax.

Last month, Ryan Ross told Billboard, “We’ve written a bunch of songs since recording Pretty. Odd. We’ve probably got about nine or 10 new songs going right now, so I hope that after our tour and all that, we can do another record.”

He added that Panic would be “picking up where we left off. Because Pretty. Odd. was a lot different for a lot of reasons, I think we’re kind of finding something we’re drawn to, and the stuff so far definitely sounds harder to place to me. I’m not really exactly sure what it sounds like I guess sometimes that’s a good thing.”

But Ross recently clarified those remarks, telling, “Every time we say anything, we have to [go back] and say ‘No, that’s not what we meant.’ We have some songs, but who knows if they’ll be for anything.” He added that the band has only been trying out new songs on acoustic guitar, and that Panic will settle down to hash out new material once they’re done melting hearts as headliners on the Honda Civic Tour “Just so we don’t have to write all new songs, because we’re sick of these.”

Panic rolled out their video for “That Green Gentleman” just last week.