Panic at the Disco Present ‘That Green Gentleman’ Video

Honda Civic Tour headliners Panic at the Disco sure are the band that just keeps on giving, as they have unleashed their full-length music video for “That Green Gentleman.”

They begin the quirky sequence by crawling out of a Russian nesting doll and running into a field to play their instruments. Now, I don’t need to give you a play-by-play, but the Panic mini-me’s are pretty much the highlight. Seven-year-old me would definitely want to hold hands with elementary school Ryan Ross.

[click here to watch video]

Sure, it’s charming, but there was something about the “Nine in the Afternoon” music vid that won me over just a tad faster. Of all the songs on Pretty. Odd., I think TGL is one of my lesser listened-to tracks, but it’s kind of typical of me to like a song more once there’s a video attached to it – case in point: Paramore‘s “That’s What You Get” and Phantom Planet‘s “Do the Panic.”

Does that ever happen to you guys? And do you like this vid or what? I would like a video for “Northern Downpour” next k thx bai.