Oh Yeah, He’s Going to be a TERRIBLE Father

So Pete Wentz has directly addressed his choice to deny Ashlee’s pregnancy to MTV.com:

“Every woman, no matter who they are or what they do for a living, has the right to wait at least 3 months before sharing this very personal news,” he wrote. “We wanted to wait until after the first trimester and get a clean bill of health from our doctors before confirming anything, just like any other couple.

“Being a boy I have no idea how to respond to such things and my first instinct was to protect her and the baby.

“It’s insane that you can’t let happy news brew in Hollywood. This wasn’t about press or anything. It was about the health of the baby and trying to find a way to be happy with what should be the most happy time of our lives in the middle of a press blitz. I apologize to anyone who felt misinformed but the truth is, the person and growing baby is who I felt most loyal to protect and defend.”

Spoken like a man who is accepting responsibility and putting his new family before his career. A man who is anticipating fatherhood. But someone who’s still not totally sure about procedure, someone who’s still feeling his way through it all. Pete Wentz might not be the perfect father, but who is? He’s going to put his heart into it, though, and he’s going to be there for his child no matter what. Look at his work with Invisible Children and tell me that the man can’t be a good father.

Though, at this point, I would also like to address another thing I’ve seen swirling around Buzznet. The idea that with the birth of Pete and Ashlee’s child, Fall Out Boy will be over.


Look, people in bands have kids all the time. Dave Grohl? Father. Billie Joe Armstrong? Father. Anthony Kiedis? Recent father. And yet all of their bands are still going strong. Neither a wedding nor a baby signals the end of Fall Out Boy. In fact, I challenge you to read the newest posts at Pete’s Blogspot and tell me that he’s not getting amazing material for a new album out of this period in his life.

Pete is going to be an amazing father. And he’s going to keep being a powerful writer and a mediocre bassist through it all. Deal.