Hush Sound Plan New Video; Greta to Team With Forgive Durden Frontman

Earlier this week, The Hush Sound announced their plans to “Dance Across the Country with The Cab this summer — and guess what? On Friday, Buzznet got on the phone with Greta and asked for some deets on that, as well as what’s going down on the Honda Civic Tour (you know, aside from the obvious heart-melting performances).

(Photo credit: Shiona Walker)

Buzznet: What has been your most memorable experience on the Honda Civic Tour so far?
Greta Salpeter: We had a day off in Myrtle Beach, and all the bands just hung out, most people went jet-skiing. We all ate dinner at this seaside restaurant, which was really fun. It was a good bonding experience for everybody.Buzznet: Have you been pranked on this tour at all? Have you pranked any of your tour mates?

Salpeter: There are daily pranks between us and Phantom Planet because we’re sharing a bus with them, and I tend to get picked on a lot because I’m the only girl in the group. There will be pranks like a loaf of bread under my pillow when I go to bed. Funny, harmless little things — we’ll leave things in each others’ bunks or come out onstage while the other band is playing.

Buzznet: You’re more of a dance-y band than a mosh-y band, but the kids on this tour are so pumped for all of the bands playing that I hear they’re pretty rowdy during your set — what’s that like?

Salpeter: It is rowdiness, but still in a dance-y way. Occasionally there will be a crowd-surfer. People are mostly just clapping and singing and getting into it — not moshing — just gettin’ real physical.

Buzznet: You have a few weeks off after Honda Civic Tour — any special plans for your downtime, aside from not living on a bus?

Salpeter: Well, it only ends up being about two and a half weeks, and during that time we’re going to be preparing everything for the headlining tour, so we pretty much have our work cut out for us. We’ll probably take two or three days off after this tour to relax and, you know, not see each other. And then we’ll get right back into practicing and building the set.

Buzznet: Any ideas about the set yet?

Salpeter: A lot of the new record, some oldies, some goodies — and then we’re going to have a friend out with us doing multi-instrumentalist stuff. It should sound fuller and more fun.Buzznet: Your summer headlining trek is called the “Dance Across the Country” tour. How did that name come about?Salpeter: Well, it’s a lyric from “Medicine Man” that we just thought describes what you do when you’re touring. Just dancing across the whole country.

Buzznet: Who is the best dancer in your band?

Salpeter: [Drummer] Darren [Wilson] is a pretty good dancer!

Buzznet: The “Honey” video was beautiful. Do you have plans or ideas for the next video you shoot?

Salpeter: Yeah. I don’t know if we’re supposed to announce it, because I’m not sure how soon we’re going to make it — but we’re hoping to do the next video for “Medicine Man,” which is why at the end of the “Honey” video there’s that little clue.

Buzznet: Who is the Medicine Man? Will it ever be revealed?

Salpeter: Ya know, we had a whole viral-marketing campaign involving the Medicine Man, but “he” being the mystery isn’t necessarily who I originally wrote the song about. So we’ll see.

Buzznet: Are there any label-mate collaborations in sight?

Salpeter: Actually, yes — I have an upcoming collaboration with Thomas [Dutton] from Forgive Durden! There are a bunch of other interesting people singing on it as well, but that’s all I can say for now.