Because They’re Fscking Rock Stars, THAT’S Why!

Ever wonder what rock stars ask for on their buses? The Smoking Gun has posted the rider (the guidelines of how to make sure the band travels in style) for rock gods The Foo Fighters.

What did I learn while reading it? The guys dislike floral scents, want something GOOD done with their chicken, want WACKY colored Gatorade, and use wedgie threats without remorse. They also give their leftovers to local homeless shelters. Which just makes me want to do Dave Grohl even harder, to be honest.

The amount of alcohol they ask for is impressive, as well. 3 1/2 cases of beer, as well as Guenniss, Corona, Vodka, Jagermeister and more. Oh, and 1 bag of Doritos.

Check the whole thing out, completely with nice red tabs for the high lights.

Then tell me what ridiculous demands YOU’D make as a rock star.