All Time Low and Gabe Saporta ‘Get It Together’

In news I am sort of ambivalent about posting, All Time Low and Gabe Saporta performed a MIDTOWN song at last night’s show in Glasgow, Scotland. And there’s a rumor that they’re going to play FOUR Midtown songs at tonight’s show, according to AbsolutePunk.

For those of you who weren’t around (or paying attention, tsk tsk) in Gabe’s pre-Cobra Starship days, Midtown were an awesome, awesome band. Some commenters over at AP think the “Gabetown Low” performance was a slap in the face to the other members of Midtown. Me? I just have one thing to say to Mr. Saporta, and I will do it with this video:

Translation: stop being a tease and just reunite. And you, Buzzneters? What do you think?

P.S. How jealous are you that Shiona is witnessing Gabetown Low?

UPDATE from Shiona: Gabetown-low played a short set before the Movielife tonight in london. Apparently it was droolworthy, and one of her friends may have succeeded in recording the whole set.

Oh, we can only hope.