Yahoo Lists 10 Most Annoying Singers: Lily Allen, Billy Corgan Appear

Normally I don’t pay much attention to lists because, hey, to each their own, but when I came across Yahoo Music‘s 10 Most Annoying Singers I actually AGREED with 80% of the list. In fact, when I read the title alone I immediately thought of Celine Dion (she’s number 10) and the dude from Creed (number 2).

John Mayer? Forgettable, but not annoying. Conor Oberst? It’s taken me YEARS to like him, but I finally gave in because his lyrics are just that good.

Lily Allen is listed at number 7. She doesn’t feel like a good fit for this list, in my opinion. I’m not saying OMG BEST SINGER EVER, but annoying? Nah.

Also on the list are Billy Corgan, Tiny Tim (what? who?), James Blunt, Frank Valli (could be avoided if you never listen to the “oldies” station, no?), and Michael Bolton.

I say some of this list is a little outdated. If we booted that Tiny Tim dude and Franki Valli, who should sub in their spots?