Warped Kickoff ’08: Katy Perry Steals the Show

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California – Friday night was the Vans Warped Tour kickoff party! In addition to a ton of giveaways (a bass? An X-box? For real?) a bunch of bands that will be initiated into this year’s punk-rock summer camp performed: Broadway Calls, 3OH!3, Beat Union, Katy Perry and The Aggrolites.

I missed Broadway Calls and 3OH!3 because I tried to find parking that was under $10 and that was TOUGH in West Hollywood on a Friday night. I eventually parked illegally and said a little parking-prayer. But fortunately Buzznet’s own Panasonic Youth and DJRossstar were there to catch all the action (and hit up some of the bands for interviews – stay tuned).

Beat Union I was totally into! Maybe because the lead singer, Dave, was hot and from the U.K.? Anyway, they were super-energetic and I think you should make an effort to check them out this summer on Warped’s Hurley.com stage.

The Aggrolites headlined, yes, and I was kind of shocked to see kids actually skanking (it really doesn’t feel appropriate to use that word anymore, does it?). Ska, for a brief shining moment at the Key Club, came back to life. Precious. Until a drunk ska dude spilled his beer on me.

The absolute belle of the Warped Tour kickoff ball was Katy Perry, though. She put on a show involving a pinata! And candy! She’s cute, but not too cute. Quirky, but not too quirky. She can sing, she’s funny and she’s got killer stage presence. I really think you oughta keep an eye on this one. (Don’t miss our recent interview with Katy Perry right here.)

I got some snaps before the drunk kid rained on my ska-parade — look!

Warped Tour kicks off in Pomona, California, on June 20!