Thrice Write the Soundtrack to the ‘Emopocalypse’: Buzznet Album Review


‘Tis time for the release of Thrice’s Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV: Air & Earth, and if we’re to categorize this music purely on what sort of effect it has on my emotions (see where I’m going with this?) then this album, my friends, is EMO.

NO, WAIT – COME BACK! DON’T BE AFRAID. I know an unruly amount of eye-shielding haircuts and excessive use of black eyeliner have conditioned you to shun the very term (see: Ashly’s ‘Emopocalypse‘ blog), but what I’m referring to here is the soulful musical expression that so successfully sucks me into a state of self-pity I feel I could effectively SOB on command.

Dustin Kensrue is not singing about my late grandmother or some sort of tragic historical event I feel very attached to (I mean, he could be, but history isn’t my strong point, so whatev). It’s just that the combination of music, lyrics, and overall theme really… send me to a dark place. And you know what? I LIKE it. I like a band that can compartmentalize their emotions. Strong organizational skillz, boys, bravo! This completely eliminates my need to make an iTunes playlist next time I’m feeling sorry for myself!

If my use of exclamations has you wondering, “Is she being… sarcastic?” the answer is NO. Now, if you are over age 21, please pour yourself a drink (under-agers and straight-edge friends, please grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s), bust out that shoebox filled with your favorite ex’s memorabilia, put on this album, and have yourself a good cry.