Recap: Panic at the Disco on SNL

Well, I did it. I managed to sit up and watching Panic perform on Saturday night. Mainly, I’m amazed I managed to sit through so many bad skits (really, I don’t believe how unfunny most of the show was. I found the pregnant-man thing to be in very poor taste, too, but that could just be me…)

And I find it disturbing that the funnies thing on the show, to me, was this:

But, I wasn’t watching for the funny, really. I was watching for this:

Okay, so, as promo shots go? AWESOME. Mostly, I’m fixated on the sleeves of Ryan’s jacket. I mean…stripey. Plus, can we talk about the vests? The vests are SWEET! Spencer’s all smiling and Jon Walker…well, he’s just cool.

The first performance of the night was “Nine in the Afternoon,” which really isn’t shocking since it’s the lead single from Pretty. Odd. And as a band they just looked so happy to be performing. Brendon’s facial expressions were great, and Jon and Ryan singing back up was just adorable and amazing.

But before that, we got to see this:

I don’t know what was going on, but I like it.

What made me happiest was that this was the first time I’d watched them perform on a live show/event since New Years 2007. Back then I was less than impressed with them live. But it seems like, if nothing else, Pretty. Odd. is going to change Panic’s reputation as a live band. They might not have the sideshow, but the music itself will be able to take center stage. Which, really, is what I think these boys WANT in their careers. Plus, one of my biggest complaints about Panic (as well as Fall Out Boy) is that, if you’re going to do a song that requires back up singers? You really should have back up singers available. If your band members can’t sing? Hire back up for off stage or something. Please.

Luckily, Panic has gotten around having to do that:

Also? Brendon Urie: Smooth Operator:

The second song of the night was proceeded by this promo shot:

Don’t mind me, I’ll be drawing hearts all around Brendon’s face.

I was expecting “That Green Gentleman” or “Mad as Rabbits” for the second song. Instead, it was the new live version of “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.”

Granted, vastly improved over the old version, and proof that Panic will be still be able to perform their old material live. But I want live versions of new songs, boys! Why will you not appease me? >:(

Finally, the boys were thanked by host Christopher “More Cowbell” Walken (And I will NEVER forgive SNL for not having Panic participate in a skit with him. NEVER. Come on, Brendon Urie saying “It needs more cowbell?” Fye on you, SNL >:( ). I wish I had a .gif of Brendon’s little fist pump thing, but instead I have this picture:

See, Brendon is sad! He didn’t get to say “More cowbell!”

The rest of his band is happy, though!

All in all, good performances, mediocre show in my opinion.

Did you watch? Any opinions or thoughts to share? GIVE ME THEM!

(pictures are from, who might be able to help you hunt down video of the performances. I’m just sayin’)