Plain White T’s Begin Recording; Take Responsibility, Exchange Favors With Pete Wentz

The Plain White T‘s headed into a recording studio Monday to begin hashing out major label release numero dos, set to hit shelves on September 24. You know these dudes because of the recycled tear-jerker jam “Hey There Delilah” — The track was initially released in 2006, but started hustling up the Billboard / iTunes charts in the summer of ’07.

The bandmembers spoke to and said they’re not consciously trying to create “Delilah Part II,” but that there will be songs in that vein. I don’t know if they can pull it off, though. Said Tom Higgenson: “On the past records I’ve put the blame on the girl, and I think with this record I’m turning a lot more to myself. The song ‘Serious Mistake’ goes ‘I’ve made a serious mistake, I hope it’s not too late to fix the heart I’m breaking.’ “

What? Taking responsiblity does not make for hit songs, Higgenson! Place that blame, slam those doors, get on your soapbox and tell ’em all that it’s TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE! Wait, no. But if some long-distance love you barely knew did ya right lyrically, I don’t know how being in a long-term relationship will benefit you. I’m just sayin’.

Higgenson also tells RS of a song the T’s modified because the original version was too “douchey,” with the initial lyrical direction being “I get screwed by my job, I get screwed by my bills, I get screwed by traffic but the only thing that gets me through is when I get home I get screwed by you.” Um, ew. That’s a little too… Buckcherry for me.

The T’s don’t have any guest vox lined up yet, but Brendon Urie is on their wish list — Pete Wentz may be able to make that magic happen, considering he’s the one who hooked up Higgenson with the feature on wifey-to-be Ashlee Simpson‘s single, “Little Miss Obsessive” (via text message. Cute.)

All right, now — not to be a complete jerk, but raise your hand if you know at least one other song that is NOT “Hey There Delilah.”