Patrick Stump Gets Political, Lashes Out at Congressman’s Controversial Comments

Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump has blogged about his not-so-pleased reaction to allegedly racist comments made by Representative Douglas Bruce during a session in the Colorado state House of Representatives. What did Doug Bruce say that many have found to be so offensive? Well, he warned against an influx of “illiterate peasants”… in reference to Mexican workers. Holy lack of tact, Batman!

“Neither Doug Bruce nor racism is cool. And the fact that this guy got elected to public office upsets me quite a bit, especially on the eve of a presidential election,” Patrick ranted. He urged readers to visit the representative’s Web site and speak their minds on the matter.

This matter is inspiring a fierce little discussion over at Absolutepunk.

Can I just say how much I enjoy Patrick blogging? Hell, I’m happy the man is, in general, speaking more. Just because Pete Wentz is the wordy, lyrical one doesn’t mean the rest of the FOBs need to keep quiet.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t necessarily keep up with the news, do you appreciate it when someone you admire brings up their perspectives on issues? Or does it feel strange and out of context? I’m interested in hearing…