Jordin Sparks on Vocal Rest, Drops Off Alicia Keys Tour

Bad news, Jordin Sparks fans:The former “American Idol” champ has injured her pipes and pulled off her supporting spot on the Alicia Keys tour.

There was a temporary blogger-freakout when the Web got word of her “acute vocal hemmorage” (well that DOES sound bad), but her record label rep issued a statement saying “SIMMER DOWN NOW!” Actually, not quite — it was a statement to the The Associated Press that said the following:

“Jordin Sparks is on vocal rest and is expected to make a full and complete recovery. Sparks has been going nonstop over the past two years and now she’s going through the normal course of learning how to manage and care for her voice.”

Lest you forget, Jordin was the youngest winner of “Idol.” Kind of a big deal, you know.

Hey! I have an idea! Her and Bill Kaulitz can hang out and like, not talk together.