It feels so good to know that I’ll be gone from home for a month.. from all the LA drama queens, negative energy and attitudes. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I’d survive touring for more then a few weeks.. because I’ve never even done a full tour before. Doing a week in London last year was alot to handle but I feel more prepared now.. It was scary for a second but now that the first week is over, I can rest assure that I won’t die. But I WILL have to search for an amazing hair dresser on the road to touch up my roots because I ain’t havin’ dem look like shit haha The best thing I did before we left, was Matt took me to a shooting range with some friends and we got out all our anger by firing a bunch of different guns. It’s honestly really good therapy.. I have anger management issues sometimes. When someone talks shit to me, I always end up in jail or something dramatic because my Compton girl side comes out and I gotta get crazy 😉 Sooo… firing a Desert Eagle and wearing those funny clear glasses was the high light of my week.

The first few shows have been amazing.. right now Breathe Carolina and Dr Manhattan are opening up the shows for my “Jstar Will Steal Your Man Tour” – I kind of felt like the first day of school, because you never know how youre gonna get along with everyone. The Breathe Carolina guys have stayed at my house before and we’ve hung out so I’m so excited I get to see them every day.. best guys ever and I only take bands out that I LOVE musically.. because who wants to hear bands you hate every night right? I played there music for a months straight before meeting them haha – Last night after we played Phoenix, Arizona.. all of us turned on Lil’ Jon and turned the venue into a dance party.. the Dr. Manhattan guys dance better then any ghetto bitch I know haha so amazing.. I’ll post videos laterrr.Before I fall asleep in the back of the bus, I need to share the highlights of the week: Playing Bamboozle Left and having MTV say I was the best performance. [insert link] Being in the middle of nowhere and having truck drivers stare at my ass. Buying Indian jewelry and hand-made ponchos Walking in high heels in the desert. My random nose bleed after I took off my fake eyelashes because the weather is so dry out Louis Vuitton blankets and head phones while I sleep The feeling of no makeup on after a long day.. Me buying a taser, mace and switchblades on the road Denny’s milkshakes at 4AM Getting my new “Eat Me Bitch” t-shirts and wearing them to bed Pulling 70 kids dance on stage during “We Want Cunt” and sweating my life away Lipstick smears on everything Stopping in New Mexico and seeing an All Time Low poster above the cash register and giving them mine to hang right next to it haha so amazing Getting crunk to T-Pain and dancing until we can’t breathe Playing Uno for 3 hours straight and losing our minds Smashing my head against the headboard and falling over in the middle of the night The 60 year old woman who said she loved the portrait of my mother on my leg & I asked if I could fuck her husband Wishing there was a Fendi store at the truck stops so I didn’t have to look at old porn magazines & stale candy

tour danceee
work it, bitch! tour I love these people. dr manhattan Dr. Starhattan Jac & Jstar Jac is the best. hanna star Hanne Jstarbeth bloody nose hi, I’m dying. tour mess always making a mess. LV dreams LV dreams. gun range bang bang. danger radio, jstar, forbidden we’re kinda cute.<.> tour middle of nowhere um where am I?? I’ll check back with you all sooooon.. I bought the best new camera before we left so I’ll be taking a bunch every day Thank you to everyone so far who’ve came out and danced there hearts out.. You’re the best. And we only wish you could know how much you mean to us.. LOVE + LIPSTICK JSTAR